• Aerial perspective of the proposed development site from the southwest

  • Redevelopment of Cramptons Road 

    Gasholder site


    Following the dismantlement of the gas holders at Cramptons Road, plans are being made for the redevelopment of the site.


    In 2018, the local gas distribution company SGN set up SGN Place to bring land no longer required for gas distribution back into use for the community by clearing and remediating where required.


    Cramptons Road Gasholder site represents an important opportunity to deliver much needed housing in an area where new homes cannot be built on Greenbelt land.


    This site is one of the few major development sites identified in the Sevenoaks area as appropriate for the delivery of housing. The gasholders themselves were an important industrial landmark that stood for nearly 100 years as a prominent local landmark.


    This development seeks to celebrate the site’s industrial past while making a sustainable and viable contribution to the area’s housing targets.


    • Brownfield site well-suited for housing
    • 136 homes:

                              1 - studio flat

                              45 - one bed flats

                              57 - two bed flats

                              23 - three bed flats

                              1 - two bed townhouse

                              9 - three bed townhouses


    • Three building types all clad in high-quality brick; rotunda, blocks and townhouses

    • All homes have private outdoor space and meet Nationally Described Space Standards

    • A percentage of discount market and wheelchair user homes

    • 96 parking spaces provided to ensure parking for existing residents is not impacted

    • 181 cycle parking spaces


    • Improved public footpath connecting Cramptons Road and Otford Road

    • Large shared public space at the heart of the site

    • Variety of interesting soft landscaped spaces including for children

    • Wheelchair accessibility throughout

    Planning Application

    The associated planning application has now been submitted to SDC. The Planning Portal reference number is PP-09506461.

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